So the holidays are over and my birthday is looming closer and closer. (AH! The dreaded over 30’s birthdays) I find myself having “rewarded” myself over the holidays a little too much, and the gym sessions declined to a whole week of nothing, that’s right NOTHING and it was pure fucking bliss. I ate what … More Motivation

Society’s Stigma

Attention – the following is a little “ranty” and is heavily opinionated from a white male’s perspective. If this offends you I implore you to not read on, and instead go and click on something else. On the weekend I logged into Facebook on a breezy Saturday morning and found that one of my oldest … More Society’s Stigma

Inspiration : Carol

Rather than post about me (yes i’m find thanks for asking!) I thought I would take today to talk about someone who has inspired me through this whole journey, and no it’s not another post about Levi (sorry Valvo!) This is someone I met through Levi, her name is Carol. She is simply in three … More Inspiration : Carol

4 kilos down…

So here it is, week 4, nearly at the month mark, I am 4 kilos lighter but am sore in every part of my body, tired and grouchy all the time but I am starting to feel a difference. My pigeon like chest has started forming muscle mass and while they are hardly pumping pecs, … More 4 kilos down…

The Core

  So I am a few weeks into this lifestyle change and I have to be honest and say it is the best thing I have ever done. I don’t know why I was so afraid and waited for so long to do this. My journey so far has been incredible, adjusting to the food … More The Core