Looking back a year ago, I didnt really have much choices, I was living with my parents at the grand old age of 30, I was working in a coffee shop, barely making it by and convinced I would be there, working away in a place that bred unhappiness and despair. I found myself with … More Change

Goodbye Fatty!

Everything has a time, when I started this blog I was in a place of turmoil, I was so confused and lost and was changing who I am inside and about. That time I feel has come to a close, I am a completely different person and I don’t think I need to go into … More Goodbye Fatty!

Happy Anniversary!

Holy shit! Sorry to open this post so crass-like but those are the two words that circulated my mind the whole way to work this morning as it dawned on me that it has been exactly one year since I started my fitness journey.  One year ago today I bravely asked a regular customer what … More Happy Anniversary!

My Revelation

This week was brutal, I stuck to my diet hardcore, I exercised in a public park and managed to factor in some fun as well. I came home for the long weekend and smashed the gym sessions with my whole body writhing  in pain and agony, but I lost 2 kilos this week and I … More My Revelation

Miss Moving On

Wow what a week! Who knew so much change could happen so quickly! I started my new job and as a result of long travelling times and other factors my exercise time is significantly smaller this week. It is Friday night and I have only done 4 workouts instead of 5, but I do have … More Miss Moving On