2015 – A Reflection

What a year! I started out in Surry Hills for New Years, alone with a bottle of wine and  some movies. At the time I was blissfully unaware that I would be ringing in the most surprising and exciting years of my life. I was living with one of my close friends Sam (one of the only things I actually miss about Sydney!) working at my usual job, just generally plodding along doing what I do with no idea of what was ahead.

A road trip to Melbourne for Australia Day and my birthday reunited with the Lawlers/Fraters and I was reminded why I love these beautiful and inspiring people who consistently love and surprise me just be being themselves. Nicole I could not ask for a better best friend than you (well maybe if you picked up the phone a few more times! You can’t blame Harper forever :P) Ryan you are one of the first straight men I have been able to get along with and I love that the husband of my best friend is just as amazing as she is. Thank you for always being honest and hitting me with the “hard truths”

Returning to Sydney I found out that our apartment was being sold and I had to move out. This terrified me as I re-evaluated just where I wanted to live, what I wanted to do with the year and really gave me the kick I needed to make some changes that I wanted instead of just drifting along in my complacency. I took up residence temporarily in a house in Annandale. A cute little apartment with a tennis court and swimming pool, it felt like I was living in a resort with beautifully manicured gardens, a large room to live in and walking distance to Newtown, this is a house I could see myself in. After 3 months of living here and not changing much except my living location, I kicked myself into gear. An opportunity came up at work to change things and relocate to Brisbane, this had always been on the cards for me, my brother and sister live there, my cousins live there, it was nice and warm there consistently, it was to be a temporary holiday place where I could “check out” of my life for a few months before finally making the move to Melbourne that I really wanted.

So I packed up my life, sold most of my belongings and filled my car to the brim with what I could and made the drive from Sydney to Brisbane to live with my sister temporarily until I decided where I wanted to live. A few weeks turned into a few months after some circumstances changed for my sister and I discovered that the sunshine state was agreeing with me. Two weeks into my stay I received a message on an internet dating site about my profile picture (taken at Sea World!)

Look at this dish! Who wouldn’t want a piece of it? 

He was asking me about what I thought of the park and others that were in Queensland. When I told him that I would be visiting Movie World a few days later we arranged to meet up for coffee (as this is where he worked!) I went to the park and met him under the clock tower. He was wearing a blue cardigan over a business shirt and blue business slacks. The moment I saw him he took my breath away, he was to put it simply stunning. He was intelligent, he was funny, he had piercing blue eyes and we conversed over coffee and decided that we wanted to see each other again. The rest as they say is history, it has been 4 of the most intense and fulfilling months of my life and we are only getting started on our journey. I am choosing to stop this now so I don’t keep going on about him, but I will say Luke – I never dreamed that this year I would meet someone who I would care so much about. No-one has ever treated me as well as you do, you are kind, you are smart, you are hilarious, and I truly feel that we are a partnership and it has enriched my life in so many ways.


Going along with Luke are the people in his life – Bradley I cannot believe you are leaving! I never thought I could be friends with a 19 year old, but you are so intelligent and funny and have made the last few months a lot of fun (and VERY boozy!!) I feel like I have just started getting to know you and you are leaving! I can’t wait to see all of your adventures and hear of your conquests in the USA.

My friends came to visit me in the Sunny state as well, The Lawler trip to Noosa was extremely memorable where we learnt that waterproof phones and spa selfies do not mix. Nicole has an unhealthy obsession with ginger factory tours and picking your own strawberries from a farm. Harper loves “mina mina” and not swimming at a beach in winter.






12006129_1025012684196485_3237589170047162224_nHallowqueensland was an eventful weekend, Kale visiting for Fright Nights which turned into a massive weekend of theme park mayhem and eating out (A LOT!). Kale it sucked to leave you and move here and I do miss you a lot, we have an unbreakable friendship and I can’t wait to come and see you soon! You have been through so much this year and are still fighting fit and coming out on top.


The Graham Family – This includes Sue, Sharna and Tameeka you ladies have been a rock for me moving here, I was so scared and worried about everything and you all contributed to making me feel welcome.

Ryan Betson – You are one of the funniest and most entertaining guys I have ever met. You always get a laugh, you work damn hard and put your all into everything, and on top of that you are an amazing friend. It has been my privilege to get to know you this year and I am so proud to count you in my friend circle.

Cam Byrnes – You saw me at one of the lowest points of my life and started to turn my head to see the person that I could be. Although our time together was short, you kick started my return to the world and I will always be grateful to you for this.

No this is not an Oscar’s speech so I will move on to the lessons I learnt this year.

People not things has been a resounding theme, in Sydney I locked myself away from the world, I would spend my weekends going to brunch and then playing games or binging TV shows in Netflix all weekend, and this flowed into the week as well. I shut myself away from the world because I truly believed that I was not good enough for anyone but myself and I convinced myself that I was ok with that. Warning – this is no way to live your life!

I finished writing season 1 of my first TV show and it was such an uphill battle. I had such a clear vision for it, I sat down and wrote and hated it. So I scrapped the whole thing and rewrote it in a completely different direction. I was not happy with this direction, so again I threw it out and went back to square one. Fortunately the third time around everything just flowed and it fit perfectly (again in my opinion). This was such a huge achievement for me and I am so proud of it and can’t wait to pursue it in 2016!

One of the biggest lessons of this year was love, I loved more than I ever have in my life before and I really felt it all around me. Love for my family, love for my friends and love for myself. This year certainly had its challenges but the overall theme of it was love and I am eternally grateful for every up and down that happened as I have come through it a stronger and wiser person.

I hope you all have a very merry christmas, happy new years, hanukkah, kwanzaa. Stay safe, love yourselves and each other.







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