Dedicated to…

4 years ago I started working at the local water board as a summer job, it was there that I met the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful person I have ever met (and will possibly ever meet!) This funny, bubbly, bouncy, boob-a-licious babe named Nicole Lawler.  We were seated next to each to each other and felt a connection straight away, we would spend the days delaying work while laughing and generally just having a great time the two of us, seated away from everyone else (personally I think it was because we were the loudest!)

We had a few dinners outside of work, Nicole came to a few of my house parties (oh good lord!) and then I met her husband Ryan. It is extremely rare that you forge a friendship with someone, to go on and then have one with their partner that is equally as strong. So i guess this is dedicated to both Ryan and Nicole.

We all have the same sense of humour and find the same things funny. Ryan is one of the first straight guys that I was able to have a friendship with and it is great.

Even though they have moved away (three times now!!) it never feels like we are apart. Nicole and I have a weird connection, the type where someone says something and we know what each other is thinking. It is so good having that with someone.

Through Ryan and Nicole I also got to meet her sister Hayley, who is just as much fun and hilarious as Nicole is. Add in Pete and Deb, Tania and John, Meredyth. Shawn and Chantelle, Mark, Rob and Lachie and a solid group of Canberra kids was born. All of these peeps have added such value to my life and I treasure the times that we get to see each other (even though it is very rare!)

We have had so many amazing moments together, we have all been through so many changes through deaths, births, job losses, overseas living (yeah thanks for that bitches!) I had my first visit to “rural Australia” feeding cows and riding quad bikes with EPIC feats hosted by Mama Deb aka Whoopi. Nicole tailgating a car through parking because we were too cheap to pay the $2.50 ticket, watching movies, and my favourite activity – eating pastries with double cappuccino in our pj’s.

I really could not ask for more supportive, more loving and more amazing friends like the two of you. Your wit, your energy, your love and nature make this world a better one to live in and I hope you know how much I adore you both (and your new giggling bundle of joy!) Thank you for always being yourself, for always telling me how it is and not what I want to hear. You are inspiring and I am so grateful to have met you.



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