The last couple of weeks I have had a couple of strange encounters. Last Saturday night I woke up at 2am as I heard my front door unlock and someone walk up the stairs in my apartment. I was convinced it was just my housemate and lay down again, realising that my same house mate has a small child so there would be two sets of footsteps and a lot of complaining I realised that this was not her. I became paralysed with fear and reached over and turned my phone torch on, I crawled to my light switch, turned all the lights on, opened my bedroom door and crept out into the hallway. I called for my housemate a couple of times, already knowing full well she was not there. I got to the hallway light and flicked the switch, the light flickered and blew. I crept to the bathroom, turning that light on and then proceeded to check every corner and room of the apartment to make sure I was not alone. The whole time I could feel like there was something behind me, just hovering over me and everytime I whipped around, it would whip around too. 

Once the apartment was clear I got a drink of water and went back into my room, it felt like someone was in my room. I had already checked it and confirmed that I was definitely, 100% alone (like I needed a reminder!) and as I lay down in my bed I heard a distinct female voice say in a thick heavy accent “It’s ok, rest darling, rest now” and with that I sank into a deep slumber and didn’t wake up till morning. 

Throughout the last week I have felt a presence following me around, and it sounds really creepy but it’s not a bad one. It doesn’t want to harm me, it doesn’t want to hurt me, it does love waking me up at 3am most mornings, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. It is the same time every day for the last week and then last night (Saturday night) one week exactly that this has been happening for it happened again. This time I knew it wasn’t my housemate, I sat up in bed and said “Ok 3am call what is going on, what do you want” and I heard my reply as clear as day, not aloud, but in my mind “I want you to be happy dear one” Seriously? For someone following me around for a week you think that I am unhappy? “What do you mean?I AM happy” I replied. “It is time you shared your life with someone, it is time you stopped sleeping with your phone and slept with a person. It is time you stopped being so scared and you need to open your heart to someone and stop inventing excuses as to why you cannot be with another person. It is time my darling, it is time.” I sat for a few seconds processing every sentence, mulling over every word, dissecting it and inventing more excuses to reply with. 

Instead I sunk back into my bed, moved my phone to the floor and fell back asleep, within 30 seconds of me doing this, I heard my bedroom door open and close, footsteps go down the stairs, the front door open and close again. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and felt completely alone again, whoever it was following me around had said their piece, surveyed my life and had now moved on. I grabbed my body pillow, wrapped myself around it and went back to sleep. 

The whole thing just feels like a cruel dream, but the more I reflect on the last week in my life, the more I cannot help but think that this is a sign. I went to IKEA with some friends to help them move into a new apartment, the whole time I was getting angry thinking that this whole shop is built for couples and designed to make single people feel alone and depressed, the same thing happened in Coles and Thomas Dux later in the week (not even candy spiralled pasta could make me happy!) 

I am a HUGE believer in the supernatural when it comes to cool things like haunted houses and freak occurrences, but not so much when they happen to me. I know I have felt things around me before but I have ignored them and not much really came of them. I have to believe though that what happened to me was real and it is definitely a sign that I need to have an open heart and share it with other people. It is scary to open yourself up to someone else, especially after all the batterings my heart has been through, but I must do this and while I am not going to marry the first person I meet (sorry boys!) my attitude towards this topic definitely has to change. 




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