After The End


So it has been 3 days since the challenge ended and I agreed with my trainer that I should take a week off and give it a rest (but continue training). I tried eating normally on the first day and I made myself sick. I tried pastry and double cappuccino for breakfast, a chicken schnitzel sandwich for lunch and chilli con carne for dinner (complete with sour cream, avocado and corn chips!) It really was a fitting feast, but alas my poor old body could not handle it. I was on the toilet throwing it all up and questioning what the hell has happened to me?

The same thing again happened the day after and so today I went back to oats and a chicken and salad wrap for lunch. My body accepted the small amount of food and was satisfied. What the actual fuck? Meanwhile I am sitting here waiting for thai food and I have a bag FULL of Kartosh bakery waiting for me to watch with Offspring tonight as a treat.

I wasn’t feeling happy when the photos were taken, everyone around me had tans and flat stomachs and all I did was shave my chest and stomach. Make up was being drawn around stomachs to try and make the look of abs appear and I just found the whole thing off putting. This is why I don’t do competitions, I don’t like photos, I don’t like this kind of fierce competition and trickery. I think because also maybe this competition stripped me down not only physically but also mentally and spiritually and I wanted a photo of me, exactly how I am. In fact if the situation wasn’t so weird I would have loved a completely naked photo. This may sound a little weird but it is exactly what I wanted to see.

I can’t stop exercising and sitting idle for too long drives me crazy. The day after the photos came through is when it hit me that I had finished and how much weight I had lost (peep the photo above!) Messages of love and support came flooding through my Facebook page and messages from friends and family made me realise how much this has not just impacted me, but everyone around me. So thank you to everyone who sent a message, a like or comment it has encouraged me greatly.

From now my biggest challenge starts, normal life without the confines and support of the challenge. Going to training and eating properly without having anyone to be accountable to but myself. It is a little scary but for the most part I think I can do it and I am excited for what my future holds. I am giving myself my own personal 6 month challenge, to lost the belly fat completely and have defined abs. Sounds tough and I already know how tough it is going to be. So stick with me! I will still be updating this blog with my progress and anything else I fitness related I can get my hands on.



2 thoughts on “After The End

  1. no matter what NEVER EVER GIVE UP we are very proud of YOU keep on going no matter what, Give it your very best work out , stay Positive with A GREAT MINDSET YOU WILL ACHIEVE, Reach Your Goals and SUCCED because you Alasdair have so many FRIENDS who love and Care for you keep on Doing WELL and ACHIEVEING Carol xoxo

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