My Revelation

This week was brutal, I stuck to my diet hardcore, I exercised in a public park and managed to factor in some fun as well. I came home for the long weekend and smashed the gym sessions with my whole body writhing  in pain and agony, but I lost 2 kilos this week and I HAVE to be happy with that. With all this weight loss I couldn’t help but think what about the muscle gain?

After a few chats with Levi, I finally realised after some photo taking that I had already built muscle, I was just too focused on my gut to notice it. They are not massive, but it is a great foundation to build upon. I don’t even have to be pumped up to see the muscle growth. This is mainly in my arms, shoulders and legs and I have shaved them down to try and see the difference close up.

I got a little down today about how all of this happened and the distance I have had to place in between myself and other people as I can’t get drunk with people or eat out and while Anzac Day weekend involves a lot of this I found myself not doing much besides working out and while this has been a great way to catch up on Uni work, it is also made me a little sad.

I still feel like I’m caught in between two places right now and I don’t know what to do. I am excited though at the prospect of everything changing, especially my body. As draining as this challenge is, I think I am actually going to miss it. I will miss having amazing PT sessions that push me to my limits, I will miss really watching what I eat and being guilted into pushing myself all week. It sounds crazy but I will miss it.

That being said I lost 3 cms off my stomach this week! 3 cm!! HOLY WHAT? You will also be happy to know that I have also thought about the future of this blog. I will merge it with my personal blog and keep the name Goodbye Fatty. I will still post about my fitness journey, but will also use it to post recipes, workout videos and advice about fitness and my continuous weight loss journey.

A MASSIVE thank you to Levi for sticking with me through this, you have gone through literally every emotion I have the tears, the laughs, the breakdowns, the depression, the complaining, the whining, the screaming, the yelling, a job change, tiredness and most of all the diet thing. You have evolved from a trainer into one of my closest friends and no amount of money could ever repay what you have done in my life. You are always there when I need you as a friend first and trainer second and I am so proud to count you among my friends circle.

Corrine, Wade, Baptiste, Dom, Grace and Mark – you have all been so encouraging every time I have gone to the gym and helped pushed me to work harder and made the gym a fun and social place to keep coming back to.

Kara and Ingrid – wow! What can I say? You two are a pair of the funniest girls I know. Working hard at booty with you has been so much fun. You always make me laugh and are there to listen to my complaining and comments about the hell that Corinne and Levi inflict upon us when we would much rather be drinking coffee and eating eggs bennie! You are not only funny, but you are massively inspiring! You make the gym and boot camp look so damn easy week in, week out it is such an encouragement for me. I am so glad to have met you and can’t wait for this damn thing to finish to get absolutely smashed with you!

Carol – lady you need to write a book! You are so inspiring and your journey is worth sharing! You are funny and so positive. Don’t ever give up on your journey, it has been an honour to share mine with you.

To everyone who has read this blog, commented and sent me encouragement – I cannot begin to thank you for your advice and your loving words. They have meant so much to me and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my journey as much as I have sharing it.

So if you are wondering what is my revelation? My revelation is this – this journey has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. It has challenged me and shook me to my core, it has forced me to look at my life and change everything that was needing to be changed. I gained a support network who have encouraged, loved and supported me and I could not be more grateful. As much as I have complained about this change, it is a change that is set in my mind for life. I will not stop working on my body, I will care about balance when it comes to my eating and I find I am no longer using food as an emotional crutch. I realised this week that this is a lifestyle change and I will NEVER give up on it. I will never stop caring about my body,  I will never stop pushing myself to become a better person inside and out and I will NEVER let myself down again.

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One thought on “My Revelation

  1. Proud of you Mr. You are doing amazing work and I can’t wait to catch up and trade gym-war stories with you!

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