Week Off

After my last post I did some serious thinking about how everything was going, how I was feeling and what I really needed this week. So I decided that I needed the week off exercising, eating properly and just enjoy my new job and city. So this is exactly what I did. While I didn’t go overboard with crazy food , I did have some cheat meals and eased up on the exercise and to be honest it was exactly what I needed. I was relaxed, I was happy, I was content.

But really 2 cheat meals out of 15 really doesn’t count as a week but still it was also the lack of gym and intense workouts that I really noticed. So when it  came around to my PT sesh last night I was naturally enthusiastic at the start and then exhausted by the end, talking about it with Levi last night “You can’t take a week out of a 12 week challenge, otherwise it’s an 11 week challenge!” I get what he is trying to say but doing this challenge I have come to realise that it is more than just body changes, this is a lot of mentality and psychological changes that none has really prepared us for.

Our bodies are changing and that is an amazing thing, but the other changes are just as gruelling and probably a lot more intense and need attending to as well. I look upon the last week as more of a test that I passed with flying colours than failed. I didn’t go completely crazy and eat everything in sight (something that I was prepared for and expecting!) I was still conscious of what I was eating, I still had my horrid brown rice most days, I caught up with friends, had a lot of laughs and made some new ones too. All in all it was a really good week and I can’t wait to do it all over again, but just slide some more workouts in this week.

If I can get that right then I think I may be well on the way to achieving the balance that I am so concerned about. I feel like I can go into this week all guns a-blazing and smash it out. I had an amazing boot camp and gym sesh today and really put everything I had into it, and I am sore and tired now but it was actually worth it. So while I had a week of rest and semi bad eating I am excited about heading back to full training and finishing off this competition on a high!



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