How do people do this all their life? I have made a habit of subscribing to fitness coaches and freaks on Instagram who do this day in and day out, go hard every day. Honestly I don’t know how the hell I’m going to do it, and keep doing it at that! I’m tired, I’m hungry! I want to go out for drinks, go to the movies, go to markets, make time to write, but seriously after work and everything how the hell am I going to fit this in everyday of the rest of my life?

I think the biggest question that has been plaguing me the last few days is WILL i keep at it for the rest of my life? Is this just a fad? Am I starting to get over it already? IT’s tuesday and I didn’t work out yesterday, I ate like a monster and did I feel guilty? At the time? A little, all day today? A little, but as I worked out tonight I just thought of a million things that I could and should be doing. How am I going to fit all of this into my life?

I don’t know why I am so worried about all of this, but I am a little. I am on the verge of a really big move and as much as I want to take all this “fitness” stuff with me, I can’t help but think am I going to be so busy I just won’t have time and things will fall to the wayside again? I hope not, but I have been thinking that this is a likely possibility.

My trainer asked me tonight if I have reached a plateau with fitness, my immediate reaction was “no” but the more I thought about it, the more I dwelled on it, the more I thought that maybe it is indeed a “yes” But then I look at everything I did on the weekend, I did boot camp and I REALLY pushed myself to the point of nearly collapsing, the week before I nearly threw up! And this was on a Saturday morning when I should be sleeping in and eating copious amounts of bacon! I did workouts at the gym as well in the afternoon. But this week I really want to lost more weight but I am feeling like I am just sick of it, I am sick of the brown rice, broccoli sweet potato lunch, the oats for breakfast with fruit, the chicken breast and green beans for dinner. I can’t keep doing this.

Any advice? And if anyone says “You can sleep when you’re dead” I will personally pay you a visit and make sure you NEVER say those words again! Could this just be a reaction from being really tired? Or am I at a level of being done? Any advice is appreciated


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Although the brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli feature highly in most of the diets that trainers prescribe, there are tonnes of alternatives. Start researching your food. It changed my approach. Trainers see food as fuel and ignore the reality that we also treat food as comfort, culture and identity – I took the challenge to look at the nutritional value of each of the foods I was told to eat, and then matched them. I preferred the Asian greens to broccoli. Liked squash a bit more than sweet potato at times. Found that pearl barley and yes even white rice could be a valid substitute for brown rice. Or that by doubling up on the pumpkin or sweet potato coudl mean I could avoid the brown rice altogether. The danger isn’t as much in the substitutes that are well-researched. It’s in the things we end up doing in rebellion to the bland trainer-food. If you keep eating it and battling your food each day, you’ll start to hate food. And that leads to sauces, more salt, flavoured salts and before you know it you’ll be drowning your sorrows in tomato sauce to get something… anything!

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