10 kilos and counting!

Well that time has come when I can PROUDLY announced that I have crossed the 10 kilo threshold and am so close to being back in the 80’s again! This week has been VERY trying with a new job and travelling a lot, so my exercise and meal prep time has gone down quite dramatically. This weekend though I went a little off the rails with a big brekkie, loads of coffee, mexican for dinner and some alcohol (ok maybe a fair bit of alcohol!) so today apart from relaxation has been a lot of burpees, sit ups and a big walk to try and make up for it.

So my weekend of 10 celebratory kilos may have gone a little askew but that’s ok. I have a solid plan for this week to maintain my weight loss and keep going strong. I want to lose another 2 kilos this week and am really going to push myself this week to do it and do it right.

This isn’t a long post, just a small update! CHEERS TO 10 AND TO 10 MORE!




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