Miss Moving On

Wow what a week! Who knew so much change could happen so quickly! I started my new job and as a result of long travelling times and other factors my exercise time is significantly smaller this week. It is Friday night and I have only done 4 workouts instead of 5, but I do have all weekend to make up for it and that will begin with boot camp tomorrow morning followed by an afternoon gym sesh and then a sunday sesh to round it all off.

My eating has been great this week, I was obliged to indulge a couple of times at work but it was expected and that is ok. I wrote an article for a local magazine the week I started this challenge and it has just been published. The online link is here. It is so bazaar to read it back and think wow I can’t believe I ever thought that and reflect on just how far I have come now.

The weird thing is I have met people all week who have never seen me bigger and it is bizarre to think that I lasted the whole week with no support network. I went out alone and I didn’t over-eat, I didn’t just slide back into old habits, It made me realise that the old me is dead and gone and I could never go back to being that.

I am so scared of moving on, of moving away and starting a whole new chapter of my life, and I may just be paranoid, but this week I have felt the cold sting of people pulling away and letting me go and it sucks because it is always hard for me to let go. But I know deep down that I have to. I have to do to this and I will. But I have tools now to ensure that I stay as healthy as I can, to be the kind of person that I can be proud of and finally I can look myself in the mirror again and be happy.

Here’s a selfie of me on the train sleeping haha just because 🙂


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