Oops I Did It Again…

Saturday morning I went to boot camp as per usual and this week it slaughtered me. I gave it my all and I was so close to throwing up I had to force myself to stop and take a few minutes to breathe. I had a relaxing afternoon at home then another gym session, then went out with one of my friends for dinner and a movie.

Dinner was a “healthy” place called Grilled that survive of the myth that their burgers are healthy. The best thing I could get was grilled chicken breast with salad, no cheese, no sauce on a wholemeal roll. I am not going to lie, it was the most delicious thing I have eaten in 5 weeks! I wolfed it down in about one minute flat, barely stopping to breathe. After some great catch up conversation, we headed to the movies and I thought it was high time I treat myself to a choc top. I haven’t had ice cream in a long time, they aren’t very big at the cinema we go to so it’s ok I can work it off tomorrow.

We go go the counter and I ordered a choc top, ok ok and a lemonade (small!) too. We went into the cinema, thank god those lights were dim, because once again in olympic record breaking style fashion I wolfed down that ice cream and then the lemonade and felt a massive sugar rush pulsing through my blood stream.

Did I feel guilty at the time? NO! Do I now? well after the next part…maybe a little…

Sunday morning, started out well, had a sensible breakfast of eggs with tomatoes and baby spinach, lunch was chicken breast on a wrap and then dinner I was invited to a friends house. We had takeaway thai and yes massaman beef, chicken hokkien with sweet chilli, black pepper beef and vegetables, wow, wow, wow was it good! And if that wasn’t enough, for desert 2 macaroons each (I had one lime and one chocolate) It truly was a beautiful weekend for food.

Unfortunately my goal of losing another kilo has long left the building and I will have to work extra hard this week to lose whatever I put on and that extra kilo. As much as other people are freaking out reading this (sorry!) at the time I was conscience of how much I was eating and didn’t overeat, they were sensible portions, especially if put in the perspective of my old self and how much he would have wolfed down! My friend even commented at the movies, usually you would get a large drink? what the?

So as “bad” as this food was, it was completely worth it! It was beautiful, it was amazing and I feel so much better for it. Now my week begins and I have to work extra hard to get rid of those extra grams and hopefully get down to my goal weight of 91 before the weeks end!

Hope your weekend was as amazing as mine!



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