Weigh In Results

It has been 4 weeks since I started this challenge and every 4 weeks you have to weight in, take photos and measurements and track your progress.

I put this off as much as I could, because the thought of doing all of this to my body and not getting any results scared the shit out of me. A lot of people said they could see a difference and the whole “you are doing so well!” speech and you just think. Meh stop being nice haha maybe that is just the cynic in me! But low and behold I arrived at the gym early this morning to weigh in and take measurements.

The results are : –

Weight loss – 9 kilos

Waist – Lost 10 cms

Legs – Lost 2.5 cms

Arm – .5 cm

Hip – 6.5 cms

I wasn’t very responsive as Levi read out the results, in my defence I was really tired and not allowed to have coffee or water or food before the weigh in. But as the morning went on and instead of working out, we had breakfast to celebrate the impact of this started to set in. We have to use an app to track our photos and it does this horrible morphing thing from your old pic to new one and after Levi forced me to watch it several times on repeat, it finally sunk in just how much I have lost and that yes I do look different.

After breakfast I visited a friend at work who I haven’t seen in a while and she gushed at how different I looked and how much weight I had lost and the muscle gain in my upper body. As the day went on I started to note that I could in fact feel a difference and I started trying on clothes and noticing a difference. A t-shirt I kept from 10 years ago never fit me for such a long time, and I tried it on this morning and guess what? IT FITS! It is even a little bit too big!

Then this thought came along, when this challenge is over I am going to need a whole new wardrobe! Who the hell is going to fund this? None of my clothes are going to fit! I am wearing belts with every pair of pants I have now and even my underwear is frustratingly loose. So if you want to donate to my new slimmer wardrobe please send me a message ! hahaha

So here I leave you with two comparison pics! Here is to the challenge being one third over!

1619271_10152006147266977_1245904350_n me the day of the challenge








IMG_20140312_084545 me last week


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