Happy Happiness Day


Today when I got to work I was informed it was Happiness Day! Upon being wished a happy happiness day, I spent my day well working and also thinking about just how happy I am right now. This got me to thinking about my happiness jar and why I have never shared it on here! What is a happiness jar? It is a revolution started by one of my favourite author’s Liz Gilbert, basically you get a large glass jar (depending on your level of neediness!) and write on a small piece of paper every time something good happens, or you have a “happy” moment. Write it down and put it in the jar! You can also decorate your jar. Mine is well interesting haha but it exists and I love it. Here are some happy moments in my jar for this year so far!

– Today I started the 12 week challenge and holy mother of god! I am so fat!! AAHHH! I am happy to make a change

– I starting weeding through people in my life who are not positive and are draining me. So happy to move on!

– I moved away from a job that was making me stagnant and miserable

– I lost 5 kilos in one week!! HOLY MOTHER!!! WOO HOO!

– One of my close friends took me on a winery tour when everyone bailed on my birthday. So happy to have friends like these!

– I have arm muscles forming! They are getting bigger and hurt more, but I can finally see them.

– I have not taken any pills for over a week now! I still feel happy and like myself!

– I can finally see a difference in myself! The photos from what I was and what I look like now! WOW so different!


– Today a guy I have had a crush on for a long time is interested in me, I turned around and said no when I found out it was just because I was losing weight. Yes I am different person now, but your shallowness amuses me! Think again! I’m better than that!

– I got to reconnect with someone who I thought was in my past. Turns out not so much!

– I am smiling again and I can’t stop!

– My form is changing and so are my insides, I am no longer that scared and shy person, I feel like I can finally be myself and I don’t give a f. who doesn’t like it

– Handmade croissants and amazing coffee! Best morning I have had in a VERY long time

– Walk along the beach and a chat with a friend who I am learning more about everyday. Such a beautiful walk, such a great chat!

– Had dinner with Tim and Grant tonight, was so good to reconnect and feel like family again!

– Had dinner AGAIN! I hope this becomes a weekly thing!

– Today I scored an interview with a company I have dreamed about working for since I was little!

– Today I got the call saying that it is a definite possibility!

– I went down a size in pants today! WHAT THE?????

– All of my clothes no longer fit me! Who is going to fund the next phase of my body?

– I feel like I have genuine and real friends who care about every part of me and the mutual feelings and respect is so refreshing!

– I finished 6 chapters of my book! I can’t wait to smash it all out!

– I got to spend time with some new friends today just talking and laughing and eating at the beach. BLISS!

– One of my friends is so inspiring! He is packing up everything and going on an adventure! I am so jealous, but so happy for him! Good luck Nick!

These are just little pieces of paper that sit in the jar, whenever I am feeling down or upset or think about having a “moment” I just take these out and read them and they make me feel better about everything. I can’t explain just how therapeutic and refreshing these little gems are. If you are struggling with depression or just want a reminder of how grateful you should be, I suggest getting one of these beauties! It is nothing special, just a store bought jar that I decorated (poorly!) with some crazy 3d colour glue and glitter.



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