Inspiration : Carol


Rather than post about me (yes i’m find thanks for asking!) I thought I would take today to talk about someone who has inspired me through this whole journey, and no it’s not another post about Levi (sorry Valvo!) This is someone I met through Levi, her name is Carol. She is simply in three words a force of nature. I have never heard Carol complain, she is ALWAYS smiling and I mean ALWAYS!! She busts through circuits that see me withering on the floor in minutes complaining and fake cramping, making me look like a sad little weak child.

Carol is one of those people that is contagious and is ALWAYS smiling. She makes friends with anyone and is constantly encouraging anyone she can in their fitness journey. Carol usually has her sessions with Levi after mine, and like clockwork arrives early to the gym. I am usually at the “giving up I am over this”stage in my session and she always comes up, smiles, and encourages me and she has no idea how encouraging it is.

This is a MASSIVE thank you to Carol, you are totally yourself and you encourage me everytime I see you. I am so proud to see you going hard at it every day and your never-ending well of positivity is inspiring.

Since starting the challenge Carol has lost 26cm and 4 and a half kilos in 4 weeks! To top it off she is still positive and pushing herself harder every day. Every week she goes on an epic trek outside at Merewether and swims 1 km, walks 10km,rode 6 km and rowed 2km, then goes to the gym and has a personal training session! I couldn’t even do half of that, let alone adding a p.t on top of it!

Keep going Carol you are truly inspiring and I wish you all the best with the rest of the challenge and achieving your fitness goals!



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