The 12 Week Challenge – Week 1 Weigh In or I would kill for a loaf of bread

It has been a week of complete change. Nothing about it was half-arsed, I am so proud to say that for once I made a change and I didn’t do it casually or half-way like the old me normally would. I dove into this challenge and found that old habits while still naggling to get to the top, stay buried and I can put that version of me completely in the past.

I have completely cut out bread (I don’t know how much longer I can maintain that!), cut down MAJORLY on coffee, eliminated all processed foods, no junk food, no soft drinks, no chocolate, no pastries – seriously what was I thinking? ? ?

My exercise time has increased considerably, I have gone from 3 – 4 sessions a week to 7. I think this is another one of the major factors incorporating my constant pain, but noticeable results. Even when I’m not with my trainer I can feel myself going harder than I ever have before and being motivated to stay longer and train as hard as I can.

Thinking about all of this I was expecting to have lost 3 kilos and be happy with that. It’s a lot of weight to lose in a week and I was under this then something was really wrong…well I had it set in my mind that I would blame Levi and be done with it. I walked up to the scales expecting the worse, I placed my feet on the cold steel base and closed my eyes and prayed. I opened my eyes and looked down at the large screen of death.

96…..96….96…..seriously? 96??????? From 101 to 96 in a week???? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

How the hell does this happen? To say that I am happy is an over-statement, it has been a horrible week of change but I am now starting to see the results. My whole body is tired and I could eat 3 loaves of bread but I can see the results. So here is to week 2 and making it through!



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