The 12 Week Challenge – I Got That Power

Saturday morning I had to get up at the ungodly weekend hour of 7am to go to bootcamp. I have only ever been once before and it was so hard and exhausting I thought my whole body would collapse and die. I found myself still lying in bed at 7:15am asking myself the question why, oh why am I awake at this hour while everyone else is sleeping in?

Needless to say I forced myself into the shower, then finally got to boot camp. The gay gods must have been smiling on me as a very attractive football team was training right next to us, and a few of them even took their shirts off…motivation here I come!

It was a really tough bootcamp, I was crawling to my car by the end of it and spent most of the day in bed after recovering with water and supplements. The thought of doing this every week for 12 weeks plus all the other exercise and dieting during the week makes me want to curl up and cry. Nevertheless I am proud of myself for getting through this (next week might be a different story!)

Saturday Food Diary

Breakfast – Bacon, Mushrooms, Poached Egg, Tomato, 1 small cup of coffee, skim milk

Lunch – Chicken breast wrap with tomatoes, baby spinach, rocket and wholegrain mustard

Dinner – Salad, small chicken bites

Snack – Popcorn, Apple, Banana

Sunday rolls around and I had to work at the markets for the day. I was depleted of any form of energy or enthusiasm and was not looking forward to the impending gym session. I took a break and psyched myself up for the session that I had to do alone (thanks a lot Levi, LAZY!!) Everything hurt, my legs, my arms, my chest, my hands, my feet, everything was in agony and I had no idea how I could possibly do this by myself, with no motivation.

I started out on the cross trainer and after about one minute the weirdest sensation came over me. It was as if my being withdrew from my body and something new came along…willpower…it took over and pushed my body to work out for one hour and fifteen minutes by myself, pushing myself to go harder, push stronger, train every part of my body and not give up. When I finished at the station and moved onto the next one the in-between time I could feel the pain my body had just gone through, but once I started up again the same thing happened and I found myself beating every single PB (personal best!) I had ever set before. The highlight was definitely the minute and a half plank, something I have struggled with, even the day before I could barely do it for longer than 40 seconds.

I left the gym feeling energetic and alive, until I had a shower and my unfortunate willpower left and reality of how hard I had pushed myself kicked in. All I can say is I am so exhausted and it hurts to move, I will be taking those repair pills tonight and praying for an overnight miracle.

I am extremely happy however that I have willpower, and I think today’s alone session showed me how much I really want this. I am now more determined than ever to keep going, and while I had imagined that I would cave after the first week and give it up, I am happy to say that I am going to keep going.

Sunday Food Diary

Breakfast – Protein Shake, Apple

Lunch – Chicken breast wrap with cucumber, tomato, lettuce

Dinner – Prawn, Calamari, Herb cooked on flat bread with small amount of cheese and tomato/basil sauce

Snack – Banana


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