12 Week Challenge – The Trainer


It is now t minus 7 hours until the 12 week challenge begins and I am on a eating frenzy going to my favourite cafes and trying to fit in as much amazing food as I can before I have to say goodbye. It is so hard to leave things like chicken, bacon, walnut creamy white wine cheesy penne behind (it does make my IBS play up but it is worth every second of pain for every bite!) Currently I am sitting in a cafe, finishing a chapter of my book, drinking coffee and eating chocolate cheesecake and dreading waking up tomorrow knowing that I cannot do this again.

A big part of the 12 week challenge is not just me (even though it mainly is all about me!) it is also about my trainer who is going to help me get through this and achieve my goal. I see the trainer as having the worst job out of this, as he is the one who is going to have to put up with my whinging, complaining, having to help me back up when I want to quit, when I am so depleted of energy that I just cannot do another thing and just want to grab a cheeseburger, he is going to have to swipe it from my hand and force me to do another 50 burpees. Knowing what I know about myself and my 30 year old patterns, I really do feel genuinely sorry that this poor soul got lumped with me.

My trainer is Levi Valvo, a mechanic, firefighter, motorbike riding, trainer (sorry ladies and gays he is currently dating one of the most stunning girls I have seen!) who started out a stranger, and is now someone I am proud to call my friend. He is a hard working, dedicated guy who has the uncanny ability to make going to the gym incredibly entertaining and even when I have a mouth full of my own sweat and feel like I am going to fall apart, this cocky larrakin keeps me motivated to keep going.

When I first met Levi I thought he was a complete gym douche, now for those fit people who do not know “fatty lingo” gym douches are people that go to the gym all the time, all of their friends go to the gym, they look at themselves in the mirrors all the time, they flex their pecs (Levi’s even have a dance!) they are dismissive of anyone who doesn’t have the same lifestyle as they do and the kind of people you roll your eyes and laugh at while you are say eating a piece of chocolate cheesecake and unbuttoning the top button of your pants to make more room.

After a few weeks as it turns out my initial judgements of Levi were completely wrong. He is supportive and has never made me feel “fat” or ugly like I feel about myself. In fact the many, many, many times I have called myself “fat” or “fatty” he has hit me (literally!) and said “Hey don’t you talk about my client like that!”

Poor Levi has been subject to my roller coaster ride of mood swings being there for the cranky days, the funny days, the happy days, the days where I just don’t want to be there dammit so stop talking to me, just tell me what to do and shut up so I can get out of here! The guy should really charge me double what he does (and if you are reading this Levi the answer is no, I will not pay you double!). Through all of this he has remained a constant motivator and helped me see the person I can become.

Outside of the gym we have had breakfast, lunches, dinners and drives where he has listened to me complain about my job, my life, my diet, my future, my age and through it all has remained a close friend. He is the only person I can imagine going through this change with, and the only person who would ever recommend a final trip to an all you can eat restaurant right before going into the competition weigh in, assuring me that we can strip any damage I have done in the last week away.

Going into this challenge I have had to make decisions about people that I surround myself with, decision when it comes to what I do work wise and what I am doing with my future, all of these this poor guy has been subject to, but to his credit he has never made me feel stupid or worthless. He is always encouraging, uplifting and I am eternally grateful for the influence he has had on my life.

Levi I wish you as much luck as I can because if you thought I was a bitch before, just give it a few weeks and you will be in for the shock of your life! Thank you for always being yourself, for always making me laugh, and never making me feel stupid or incompetent (ok maybe the skipping but that was justified!) and I look forward to going on this journey with you.

Go Team Valvonator!


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