Goodbye Cadbury Creme Eggs :(


Today I said goodbye to two of my favourite’s Pizza and Cadbury Creme Eggs. I gorged myself on a double pepperoni with mushrooms (at least I had thin crust!) with lashings of garlic bread (for lunch! and this was before my massive gym workout!) the feelings of guilt were non existent as I realised this would be the last pizza I eat in a very very VERY long time.

I made it through the day and went to a friends house for dinner for a good old favourite sausages, rolls and tomato sauce! So simple, yet so amazing! For desert some chocolate sara lee ice cream with Cadbury Creme Eggs…oh the creme eggs! As I was eating it I recalled so many years of just gorging myself on these things every Easter. I would just grab 2 wherever I saw them and they would disappear in minutes (who am I kidding they barely made it back to the car!) I even believe that in some countries there is a Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream. Oh this holy place would be my altar of worship!


As much as I want to just keep eating them for the rest of the week just because the challenge hasn’t officially started yet, I decided that it was the appropriate time to say goodbye to these beautiful chocolatey friends. They always made me feel comforted and safe, but my dependence on food to make me feel better about myself has to stop, and as of Monday I won’t have that crutch to lean on anymore.

So goodbye you beautiful, gooey, delicious, amazing chocolate eggs you! If you hear of Cadbury’s going broke this Easter it may give you an indicator of just how many of these things I can eat in a few month’s. Part of me is sad to say goodbye, the other 99% is happy to let them go.

God I hope it’s worth it!


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