So here it is! A few days before the start of the 12 week challenge and I find myself oddly excited. For those that do not know let me explain. The 12 week challenge is being hosted by my gym Genesis who are running a competition to transform your body in 12 weeks. Contestants hold themselves accountable by attending at least one personal training session a week, group fitness sessions, meal plans, expert advice from a nutritionist and a whole bunch of support that is incredible value for money.

This week I have been doing a kind of final farewell to my favourite foods, not that I plan to eliminate them completely from my life, but I do plan to hold them into seriously accountable moderation and release their grip on my emotional dependence. Tonight I had an entire 458ml tub of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk (ice cream of the gods in my opinion!) before this I had a massive pile of spaghetti with a vegetable pasta sauce that I was close to inhaling. Not really anything of interest but am just getting into the habit of this food diary thing (yaay!) oh and I had a cup of coffee with 2 sugars and a handful of snake lollies…

So who the hell am I? My name is Alaisdair Dewar, I am 31 years young, living in Newcastle, NSW (Australia) and I have been overweight/fat/obese/addicted to food for 10 years now. Looking at it, it is such a scary number…10 years of no control over what I eat, 10 years of not giving a crap about what I looked like because I truly believed that it is ONLY what is on the inside that counts. Now before you discount me as a shallow so and so, I do believe that a lot of what makes us great people is what is on the inside, but there is truth in the saying that the outside reflects what is inside. I spent so many years letting my clothes, my hair style, my face, my whole outward thing just got ignored while I went on a search for balance and to find out what I was on the inside as a person.

While I can say this inward journey is still a major work in progress, I can’t deny that I have let myself go…a lot. I have a horrendous diabetes inducing, cholesterol clogging diet that it really should be studied how I am still breathing. I have a massive gut, two massive side haunches, back fat, leg fat, thigh fat, and a pigeon chest added in there just to give me something else to work out. Oh I nearly forgot the triple chin and swollen face!

Why am I telling you all of this? It is simple, this journey is about honesty, it is about change, it is not about some “Biggest Loser” instant gratifying situation, but rather a journey to change my life. I have spent the last 3 months at the gym preparing my body for this. I have had 3 personal training sessions a week, have attempted some boot camps (extremely unsuccessfully!) but all in all I have changed a little bit. I have learned to deal with the overwhelming amount of pain and burn that you feel after brutal sessions that have left me wanting to quit there and then.

I will be updating this close to daily about what is happening, showcasing photos of my progress and even a fortnightly podcast (with hopefully some special guests!) to talk about what is happening and apart from keeping me accountable for everything that is happening, maybe inspire a few people out there who are doing this as well.

So keep checking back, I will be updating more about myself and history as much as I can. To the other contestants of #YNB good luck! You have never met anyone with more motivation and determination to win this nationally as me so you better bring it! Good luck, hope you all make it through the first few weeks as well as possible.



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