My progress so far. . .



So today I had a fairly vigorous gym session and I left feeling tired and sore. As I was in the car I started smiling and began to feel incredibly happy. For many reasons this was a surprise to me, I have had a rough couple of weeks and after a few emergency sessions with my shrink, I was on the verge of going back on anti-depressants. I have many reservations about these horrible things, while they do work when the dosage is right, we as a western society do not know the long term effects it may have. I also feel that the solution is only short term and should be only taken in extreme circumstances (and after the last few weeks this classed as extreme!). 

Anyway enough of me imposing my views about these things, I don’t know if it was the vitamins and supplements that I have been pumping my body with for the last two days, or if the combination of this and exercise was making me feel happy. Whatever it was I was happy to have a few moments of bliss, sitting in my little Barina at the traffic lights sipping on water and smiling, no not smiling, grinning from ear to ear with the cheesiest, big-kid like grin you have ever seen. Such a feeling of euphoria just swept over me and I was deliriously happy…but only for a few minutes, it lasted about 10 of them and the usual state of numbness returned. 

Regardless of that I got home and took a photo of myself and started to see some actual change in my body. While the stomach hasn’t changed that much, I can see that my boobs are starting to take shape. I can see a couple of lines (not wrinkles!) and 2 forming muscles. In addition to this my arms are getting better and while yes they are sore for the majority of the time, I can see a big change. Things are changing on the outside and while I feel like I can’t control what’s going on inside, I can control the outside and what is happening. 

One week left of eating whatever I want before the big challenge! I will be cooking all of my favourite dishes that I won’t be able to eat on this thing, so I will post up a photo, recipes (and my bloated stomach!) afterwards! Hope you are all having a good week! 



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