5 kilos and one size down!

Ok I am going to be honest, I was getting exhausted, sick of hurting in every part of my body, my co-workers, family and friends visibly tired of my hurricane-esque mood swings due to lack of sugar and junk. Honestly I was ready to throw in the towel and reside to being a fatty forever and being fine with that. Then the miraculous happened, I was at work and was spending the whole day having to pull up my pants, to the point that they nearly fell down. I went into the bathroom and inspected the gap, it was huge, like looking baggy huge and I thought just maybe I might have to try new the next size down, the rest of the day dragged out and I headed to David Jones to try on some new shorts and see if the next size down would fit. 

I grabbed two pairs of the same brand I was currently wearing and headed into the change rooms. I pulled the shorts up and over my thighs and they didn’t stick…ok this was a good sign, then the moment of truth, the pants did up and even fitted comfortably with a belt. I screamed out loud, a little too loud as the assistant came to “check on me” 

Determined to believe this I ran out into the store and grabbed 3 pairs of other shorts size 34 and tried them on for size, all different brands and they all fit. Seriously???!?!?!?! I have not been a 34 in a VERY VERY VERY long time…I rejoiced all the way home and began disposing of my old pants, in my mind I knew that I would NEVER EVER EVER need them again. 

The next day at work I had so much motivation to keep going, it was the encouragement and reminder that what I am doing is a good thing, that it is actually working, and while it feels hard and strenuous (because it is!) there is no short-cuts, no miracle cures, no easy pill to make it all happen, it is actually working. 

Heading to the gym after work I jumped on the scales and look look down to 95!!! I really can’t believe that it happening consistently and I am already seeing the changes in my body…the far that used to sag over my sides are subsiding and while the stomach is the stubborn part of losing weight, I know that one day it will happen. 

For now I must deal with the balance that I am still struggling with, the continuation of the strenuous exercise while still having to work full time, and all the other things that I try and fit into my life. In the end I can be comforted by the fact that it is indeed working, I am seeing results, and all I have to do is keep pushing through as this is a lifestyle change that will be with me until I die. 

So here is a little picture of me, happy, feelign good about myself, more than I ever have in a very long time. I am excited to be in this state of mind and cannot wait to see what happens next! 



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