The big fat truth


So a few days ago I took this shot, first of all to get used to seeing myself with no shirt on, and secondly to track my progress. It was a horrifying wake up call that shocked me that I had let things get this bad, and left them for so long with no motivation to see the transformation through.

This is my second week of changing my eating habits and to be honest it is hell. An Up and Go for breakfast, with an apple, banana and mandarin/orange in the middle of the day. This is followed by a salad for lunch, a light dinner. Also incorporated into this is no processed food, no fast food or junk. I have spent the last 8 years never thinking twice about what I eat, going on binge after binge with no let up for my metabolism.

Previously I have thought about losing weight but have always given up when it got too hard, or I got too hungry. This time I am buying myself a movie or a game every week that I don’t binge out and keep on track with my exercise plan and is a much better reward than food.

I feel like my body is adjusting to the food change and now this week I start boot camp 3 times a week and walking the other 3 along the beautiful beaches that surround my town. To be honest I am looking forward to a few hours time out every day with just myself, some great beaches and music. Not only will I be looking after my body, I will also be having a mental time out as well.

I am starting out at 97kgs and look sick and unsightly. Now before you think “wow this guy is shallow, it isn’t all about looks” I have lived by this philosophy my whole life and you know what, as much as you can change about your inside, if you stop caring about what your outside looks like, you can turn out to be well pretty much like me and this is what I am changing.

If you are on an eating plan or diet or whatever please comment and let me know how you are going and where you are up to. Right now I am very proud of myself for doing this and unfortunately for anyone reading this you will see a lot of me shirtless over the next few months. Goodbye gut! It has been WAY too long


3 thoughts on “The big fat truth

  1. I have done the whole food diary thing and had some great success as I found that it made me look at exactly what I was eating and when you know you have to write it down you start to second guess each decision. It can be important to have to hand that to someone like a PT so there is a “consequence” of sorts.
    I also struggled with portion sizes and now will serve half of what I used to eat, sometimes I go back for some more, but more often now I don’t.
    The third change is “cheat” day. Allocate a day or time and allow yourself to eat junk food. The body can only absorb so much so doing a binge session and otherwise being good can be the best way to get your fix without ruining everything. After a while your binges tend to be less extreme and often become healthier options also.
    Good for you on making the first steps! Congratulations, and keep it up.

  2. Good job making this healthy change! I am dieting as well. I’ve just entered week 3 and have lost 7 pounds in the first two weeks. I’m doing a 1200 calorie diet. Blogging is really helping to keep me on track, so keep it up!

  3. Good on you Alaisdair! I’m only into day 3 of my healthy eating plan. Going well and sticking to the 1200 calories per day, but worried about my usual hangover-induced over-indulgence on Sunday…. fingers crossed I can stick to minimal beers on Saturday and a healthy Sunday this week!

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