Intro (Who I Am)


When I set out on this ambitious project it originated as therapy for myself, to move past an extremely painful relationship I had been in. I decided it would be good for to write it all down and get it out of my system and hopefully being a writer this would be “therapy” for me to move forward with my life instead of being stuck in this spiral I had dug myself into. After somehow sending this (by error) to my editor, the honesty and rawness inspired me to start writing a “how to” guide for gay men. Something that started out with honest intentions, but ended up being a self-indulgent soapbbox that turned into a mess. After some time to mourn the loss of this project I was inspired by the HBO series “Girls” and convinced myself that it would make an extremely hilarious and interesting television show, so I wrote the ambitious “Gay” tv pilot. I realised after writing three episodes that this was still not what I was wanting. It was entertaining, it would have been hilarious to see this come to fruition, but it didn’t really work as a television show either.


It was from here that I sat down and really though about this project, what did I want to get from it, what did I want others to get from it, what was I doing, what was I achieveing? After many long hours of reflection (and red wine!) I have come to the conclusion that I want to write something true, something real, something that matters to myself. It would be so easy to write a book that would accommodate to everyone’s interests, to take the stereo-typical gay guy angle and play the femme queen, or the drag queen, or coming out sob story that our community is so incessant on churning out. What about the real gay people? The one’s who don’t end up as Glee caricatures? To the normal everyday, gay man this book is for me and my hope is that you find some relevance in its rantings disguised as teachings.


What is this? This is going to be a blog that I update as much as I can, each piece will be something of my past, lessons I have learnt, things that I am learning now and be influenced by the world around me. I am not concerned with page views or comments, this is purely for me and the hope that someone out there may find something helpful to help them along their journey.


So who the hell am I? Glad you asked! I am a 30 year old gay guy (duh!) living in Australia. I am currently completing a university degree in creative writing and communications with a splash of web design on the side, so to say that I am extremely busy is an under-statement. This is the reason why I have not committed to a particular time frame for posting things, some times things get crazy and I can’t do something every week or in a particular time frame. I also have a day job and run a few other blogs that keeps my time pretty tight. I am single (take a number guys! Ha!) and have recently surrounded myself with people who love me, and who influence me in a positive way. I am a massive DC comics nerd and have just started my journey on this whole fitness thing, so getting used to getting up early to exercise is still coming to me but I am attempting to change my body into something that resembles someone who respects and takes care of it.


From here I can tell you that there is a lot to come, right now I am going through a weird phase by which I am discovering the real friends from the fake ones, and weeding them out of my life. Usually I have found the cutting people out thing to be a negative thing, but in my experiences and discoveries of late I have found that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever (more on this to come soon!)




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